Our business is focused on the production of gases, particularly hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). The technological base is directly linked to hydrogen and fuel cells technologies. Our object is the use of hydrogen as a storage vehicle of renewable energy, and in general, the production of renewable and high purity hydrogen and oxygen.

INDHO uses hydrogen, as energy vector, for  renewable energy storage to be used for several purposes such as sustainable urban mobility (automotive), power generation in industry and mining, thermal use and decarbonization of natural gas.

The work team, with experience managing industrial projects and with the support of expert companies, guarantee the technical and economic results in efficiency and profitability for each of the production facilities.

Work team

INDHO has a professional team that manages the development of the production plants and the commercialization of renewable hydrogen.

Fernando A Román, CEO, with extensive experience in the development of projects in the renewable energy, cogeneration, wind and solar photovoltaic sectors in Spain and Chile, leads the new energy project that promotes the use of renewable energy in production of renewable hydrogen on a large scale to be used by society as an alternative to mitigating current climate change.



Director Financiero.